What has electronic gift bag changed because of 34, 27 and 9

About the types of electronic gift bag, the packaging factory has introduced them once before according to the size of handbags. Today, let’s learn about the cost of paper bags from another dimension, which is determined by the customized size of electronic paper bag.

What has electronic gift bag changed because of 34, 27 and 9
What has electronic gift bag changed because of 34, 27 and 9

Many friends said, “the larger the gift bag of electronic products, the more expensive it is. There are more materials. We all know.”

But in fact, it is not so simple, but it is undeniable that the larger the bag of electronic products, the greater the consumption of materials, and the cost will naturally rise accordingly. But in fact, the little friends who have experience in making electronic bag know that this is not the main reason, but the main reason is the startup fee and the minimum order quantity. Most of the time, 500 paper bags are more expensive than 1000 paper bags, These excessive factors are no longer explained. In addition to the startup fee, there is another important reason.


The reason is whether it can be produced automatically. If a handbag can be produced by full automation, it can produce tens of thousands of bags a day at least. If there is no need for labor, the cost of an electronic product gift bag will only be the cost of materials and electricity. But once the size is too large to be used on the machine, people will have to be used to form it, so the cost of this electronic product gift bag will be much higher, Especially when the quantity is especially large, the efficiency of labor is also limited. If there is no way to produce so much in a short time, one more day will increase the labor cost. In this era of rising labor costs, can the unit price of paper bags be reduced?


The size specification of the common electronic gift bag in the paper bag factory is usually: 34x27x9 length, width and height, and the fluctuation is no more than 3cm, so it is suggested that designers and partners who need paper bags should remember to complete the design within this range as far as possible

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