USB gift box, the epitome of beauty and creativity

Every beautiful moment is worth cherishing, and every creative inspiration is worth sharing. In this technologically advanced era, USB gift boxes have become the perfect choice that combines fashion and practicality with their unique designs and useful functionality. With our recommended styles of USB gift boxes, Junye Packaging Factory enables you to permanently preserve your…

Innovative ways of U disk paper packaging boxes.

Are you still annoyed by traditional plastic packaging? Now, fashion and environmental protection finally blend perfectly together. Let us proudly introduce the innovative design – USB paper packaging box, bringing you a unique user experience. Our goal is to use paper materials, combining environmental friendliness with aesthetics, so that you have a distinctive USB packaging….

What Does the Internet Bring to Customer Jewelry Packaging Box

If you want to custom jewelry packaging box now, it is much simpler than before. Previously, the customization process would be very cumbersome, and confirming details would be troublesome. However, with the development of technology, image transmission is becoming more and more accurate, and there are not many areas of disagreement. About 10 years ago,…

Is the sharp angle process simple in the mobile phone box factory?

At present, many electronic packaging box on the market are mainly designed with V-slot. V-slot is not a sophisticated technology, but it is also a test of the packaging factory’s craftsmanship. Xiao Bian will tell you about an ordinary V-slot packaging boxes phone that has studied the craftsmanship of the mobile phone box factory. 1….

Two Inspection Skills for Customized Clothes and Gift Bags

In fact, according to the inspection criteria of the packaging factory, we can basically judge whether a batch of large Customized clothes gift bag are qualified products by looking at only two positions. Maybe many small partners will say that it is just the quality and color difference. It is understandable that these two points…

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