What is the difference between a custom jewelry box and other products

What is the difference between the requirements of a custom jewelry box and the cardboard boxes of other industry products? Usually, it is the same as a cardboard box, but there may still be differences

magnet yellow jewelry box
magnet yellow jewelry box

1. In terms of accessories, generally speaking, jewelry packaging boxes tend to lean towards mid to high-end boxes, giving them a sense of luxury. The source of luxury may be due to the box type or design, but when it comes to common accessories of jewelry boxes, there will be columns such as ribbons, magnets, eva, velvet bags, introduction cards, and other items used to highlight the luxury attributes of jewelry, And these things can all be completed together through a custom jewelry box, so the difference between one of the accessory manufacturers is here.


2. In terms of materials, generally speaking, the materials used for jewelry boxes, whether they are internal materials or external paper mounting materials, should not be low-grade, as the grade of the material can directly affect the hardness, stiffness, protective strength, etc. of the entire box. There are even some options for laminating, such as anti scratch film, which can effectively protect the box from minor scratches during transportation, Make the box look very brand new, and when consumers purchase jewelry, they will be filled with expectations for the product due to the outer packaging.


The characteristics of these two aspects are the significant differences between the current custom jewelry box and other industry products, because jewelry is not a necessity of life, but a consumer item that improves the quality of life. Therefore, packaging must pay more attention to experience and a sense of luxury.

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