This year’s new custom jewelry packaging box

This custom jewelry packaging box has chosen bright yellow as the main color, but boldly chose the flip box type, giving the entire newspaper and opening a stronger sense of ceremony and a more advanced experience. In the lid part of the box, a magnet is used to fix the overall sealing of the jewelry packaging box, providing better protection for the jewelry inside.

This year's new custom jewelry packaging box

Secondly, the customized jewelry packaging box still uses a deep box structure design on top of this, allowing for better utilization of the selection of inner brackets, whether in terms of material or shape. It can be used as a packaging inner bracket design for set jewelry, or as a separate design inner bracket for jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, watches, and other accessories.

The main selling point of this custom jewelry packaging box is that compared to other materials, paper materials have environmental advantages. Even if the box is no longer usable, it will not pollute the local environment and can continue to be recycled, which is really much more. In addition, some common inner pallets used on jewelry paper boxes include but are not limited to: EVA, sponge, high-density sponge, plastic, flannel, paper inner pallets, ribbon fabric, and so on, Because the design and material selection of the inner tray directly reflect the high-end of jewelry products, many jewelry designers not only create many outstanding designs for jewelry, but also create an independent design for the inner tray, allowing consumers to see a perfectly set off jewelry at the moment of opening the box, obtaining a very cool consumption experience.

In summary, this custom jewelry packaging box is actually a packaging that combines environmental protection, design, and high degree of freedom. It is currently a popular and fashionable choice for high-end jewelry accessories such as jewelry.

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