The health product packaging of flip cover is out of date

A few days ago, when communicating with the business colleagues of Junye Paper Box manufacturer, several health product packaging manufacturers observed their design documents and found that the styles they generally want to customize are health product packaging box custom mainly made of plastic embryo flip. However, according to the observation of the carton factory on the custom-made list of health care product packaging in recent years, this operation may be out of date.

The health product packaging of flip cover is out of date
The health product packaging of flip cover is out of date

Why is it said that this kind of health care product packaging custom-made flip type plastic embryo box is out of date?

With the development of society, the specifications of health care products have gradually changed. From a bottle of health care products in the past few years can be directly sold to a set of products, and multiple bottles are placed in gift boxes. If they are still sold piecemeal as usual, the grade will be different. Therefore, many businesses will choose to find manufacturers that process health product packaging, But the aesthetics at that time has been influencing the idea of customized health care product box manufacturers until today.


At that time, the style of suitcase was popular. Because the suitcase looked magnificent, many businesses competed to make customized packaging for this style of health care products. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the health care industry, and the development towards refinement, that kind of large flip suitcase is not very suitable for people’s living habits, and the elderly, I wonder if the manufacturers who process health care product cartons have considered whether they can move a whole set of products and add a large plastic embryo box?


Therefore, this kind of box has been gradually replaced by the exquisite heaven and earth cover gift box. From the perspective of environmental protection, the heaven and earth cover box has more advantages than the plastic embryo box. Apart from the above problem that it is inconvenient for the elderly to take into account the audience, there is another problem that the elderly also have aesthetic fatigue. Large boxes are far less attractive than the heaven and earth cover, In addition, when printing the health product packaging of tiantiangai, only ordinary printing is required for the quality materials. If it is PU leather, the time will be longer. Therefore, whether from the perspective of merchants or consumers, tiantiangai has enough trend to replace the flip plastic embryo box. Doesn’t that mean it’s out of date?

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