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Although it has entered the middle of the year, Junye packaging factory will no longer receive the orders that need to be ordered before the year, there are still many anxious businessmen looking for manufacturers that can still provide cosmetic box custom. It is good to find reliable cosmetics box manufacturers, but it is also necessary to guard against the quality of their cosmetics packaging. The following editor will introduce to you the inspection criteria for the customization of two common packaging boxes.


1. Many merchants who need cosmetic box custom do not have a deep understanding of the boxes. Unlike the masters and business colleagues who have served in the cosmetics box customization for many years, they know the weight of the paperboard and the inner material of the box from the touch of the box. More professional employees can even see the type of the inner material, not just the number of grams of the material. After the merchants get the samples of the cosmetics box, The best way is to tear, but not to tear vertically. In fact, the effect is not good. The cross-section of the inner material is very narrow, so it is not helpful to tear vertically. Therefore, it is necessary to tear at an angle within 45 degrees. After tearing, you can see the color of the inner material and the contact surface with the inner material, so that you can judge whether it is the black or white gray background you want to avoid bad manufacturers, The act of providing inferior interior materials at high interior material prices.


2. Check whether the paper mounting completely or more than 95% covers some creases of the box. We often see that some creases are on the surface of the rough box. Only in the paper mounting process of the cosmetics box can this layer of things be covered by the paper mounting. This layer of things usually appears at both ends of the box. There are a lot of things like ears, which are also commonly called ears in the industry. However, some old machines or paper mounting materials are unqualified, There is no way to cover this layer of ears in the box. If the ears are exposed, it is very ugly. It is like a person wearing thin clothes and getting wet by the rain. The ribs inside are not very beautiful. So you should be careful when you see this phenomenon.


These two kinds of inspection methods are relatively common. I believe many businesses have never thought of these two aspects of inspection. However, for a batch of large cosmetic box custom, the most important thing is whether the color and logo process are correctly used. These two points are the inspection methods that can be conducted after a deeper understanding. After that, more methods about inspection will be shared with you.

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