Two questions about punching custom camera paper bag

After reading a piece of information about corns in paper bags from Junye packaging factory last week, a camera manufacturer was also very interested in some problems about corns, and specially called to inquire about some problems about corns in the process of custom camera paper bag. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the problems that caused the camera paper bag manufacturer in the process of making handbags.
Two questions about punching custom camera paper bag
Two questions about punching custom camera paper bag
1. Is the diameter of corns fixed when the custom camera paper bag? Yes, if this is not a particularly large size, no matter how far it is from the top of the paper bag, the diameter is generally between 0.4 and 0.8cm, which rarely exceeds the size of this diameter. Our common hand-held bags are generally holes of this size, and then add some special metal, wrap it from the inside of the hole to the outside, forming a high-end metal corns, But generally, the volume occupation in the hole caused by this metal material will lead to the disharmony between the hole in the paper bag and the portable rope, so this needs attention.
2. Are you afraid that during the customization of the camera paper bag, the hole is too narrow and the rope cannot pass through? This depends on the texture of the portable rope selected for the customization of these handbags. Usually, the portable rope has the characteristics of compression resistance. Its volume can be squeezed by the force and become flat. In the process of making, the link of threading the rope is to use the extruded rope head to thread from one end of one side to the other end of the same side, and then cut the extruded rope head or other ways to make it larger than the hole, It can be stuck on one side of the whole paper bag to play a fixed load-bearing role.
Although these two questions are not very eye-catching, they are indeed pragmatic. Although the corns used in the custom camera paper bag process are not flashy and stand out from the crowd, it is also an understanding of the packaging industry. Junye paper bag factory is also very happy to introduce this little knowledge to you, so that you can have a better understanding of the packaging industry.

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