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What are the tips for health care packaging design?

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As people become more aware of their health, competition in the health care industry is becoming more intense. In order to attract customers in the first time of sales, health care products have spent a lot of functions in packaging design. In order to do a good job in the packaging design of health care products, we need to do the following.

What are the tips for health care packaging design?

1. Highlight your brand personality


You need to establish an emotional connection with your target customers and let them see your product packaging the first time. Whether your brand is friendly, quirky, earthy or serious, you should explain this on the package. From images and colors to slogans and text, your product label will impress consumers.


If you are doing slimming health products, you can use a slim figure to attract the attention of customers who are preparing to slim down. Or, if you sell health care equipment, you can reflect the high end of the product on the cusotm paper box.


2. Say the reasons for making your product unique


Use bright annotations to get special features and benefits that differentiate your product from your competitors. Add a bold color label to your package as an easy way to highlight features that let you go beyond other products. But remember, don't overdo it. Too many colors and text on the label can make consumers feel overwhelmed.


3. Display key information


Customers want to know what is included in your product. It is important to ensure that the required FDA information, ingredients, and other characteristics are clearly displayed on the label, as well as product considerations and known ingredient interactions.


 4. Visible in any direction


When you hold the product in your hand, the consumer can easily rotate and view it from all angles. But what if you put it on a shelf and stack it on the table? You must provide strategically placed, easy-to-read labels for your product packaging from any angle. Add labels to the lid and bottom of the box whenever possible, and try to use a rectangular label to wrap bottles and boxes.


5. Let quality show from the inside out


When you use premium top-quality materials or technologies, you need to reflect the quality of the product in your packaging. Your customers can understand your products and the care you put in them. For example, high-end health equipment can provide a high-end look for high-end products.


Although China's health product penetration rate and per capita health care products are far from the Western countries, with the increasing awareness of people's health care, the future market growth potential is huge. Therefore, the demand for health care products for the Chinese market is very large.

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